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Welcome to the Cambridge Latin Course

With a 50 year history of development and revision, the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC) has established itself as the leading beginner's course for Latin. In addition, both Eduqas and OCR examination boards endorse the Cambridge Latin Course for GCSE teaching.

The new UK/International 5th edition is currently underway, with Books I and II due to be published in 2022. We know many of our community will continue to use the 4th edition, so the resources on this site will still refer to both. We will try to keep everything clear and unambiguous, but please do forgive us if errors or confusion creep in!

Aims of the CLC

  • to teach comprehension of the Latin language for reading purposes;
  • to develop an understanding of the history and culture of Roman civilisation;
  • to encourage a wide range of approaches to language learning through the use of high quality audio-visual resources.


The core resource is a series of textbooks, published by Cambridge University Press (CUP). These can be ordered through your local bookshop or directly from CUP. Further materials provide support for both teachers (e.g. Teacher's Guides) and learners (e.g. Independent Learning Manuals). Go to our shop for detailed information.

Digital resources

The 4th edition of the CLC is supported by two types of electronic materials:

  • Online Activities available free on this web site. These activities are organised Book by Book and Stage by Stage to fit in with the printed textbooks. You will also find here an online dictionary and vocabulary tester.
  • The CLC E-Learning Resources on DVD funded by the Department for Education and Skills, and produced in conjunction with Granada and CUP, the CLC E-Learning Resources on DVD each provide 1,000 electronic activities, including specially commissioned videos, for CLC Books I and II.

The 5th edition resources are under construction and it will take time for them to be as extensive as those available for the 4th edition. CUP have created an e-reader version of the texbook, access to which is included when you purchase a hard copy book. Access to the e-reader version can be purchased separately from the hard copy book.

CSCP will continue to produce and distribute a wide range of digital and ancillary materials, many of which will continue to be completely free including:

  • teacher guidance
  • story explorers
  • digital activities
  • vocabulary checker and dictionary.

Over time we will be developing extra resources such as video and audio materials, supplementary stories and exercises, assessments and more customisable learning tools and environments. These will be available via subscription in due course but not immediately, as we are prioritising the free materials to make sure that everyone using the CLC has a good foundation on which to build. We hope you will continue to support us as we work to create a library of resources and options for your classrooms.

Teacher support

The Teacher support section includes an outline of the pedagogy of the CLC, information on technical requirements for use of this web site, and an image gallery of downloadable CLC line drawings. We will also be producing integrated teacher support documents and advice as part of the 5th edition's digital package.

The covers of the five books of the Cambridge Latin Course 4th edition